One-On-one Consult

Looking for a more individualized approach to your specific condition? Book your one-on-one consultation with Linda-Anne today. We take an integrative approach with all our patients and are passionate about finding the best care and program for each patient.In the initial consultation and evaluation we will discuss your history, challenges, lifestyle, nutrition and goals. We will develop a treatment plan specific to your condition. You will receive total support and guidance on this journey towards health. Then, you will be on the way to the goal of achieving optimum health and be able to function effectively in your daily life.

The initial consultation and evaluation is $250 and is for 80 minutes. We will assess your condition and develop a personalized plan including nutritional guidance, advice on supplements and essential oil blends to use.

Lymph massage is included in this evaluation. Subsequent follow-up visits will be for 50 or 80 minutes and range from $150-$200 depending on your condition. Package prices are also available. We will discuss how many sessions would be best to achieve optimum results.

We are passionate about finding the best care and program for each patient.
To set up your initial consultation (at our San Diego location or on Skype), simply call (858) 457-0191or email us at [email protected].

Lymphatic Therapy Services