Personalized and Caring Service:

  • I’m amazed at what Linda-Anne has accomplished and have great admiration for her ongoing commitment to the lymphedema community. She has truly set the gold standard for treatment.

  • I went back to Beauty Kliniek again after many years for Lipedema treatment. Linda Ann is knowledgeable, skilled and empathetic. I now have a wonderful resource to guide me in the management of the condition that has confounded me for so long.

  • Excellent experience! Linda-Anne’s lymph drainage massage is the best !! Make sure to sign up for the 80 minute treatment. You will leave feeling wonderfully healthy and totally relaxed.

  • Linda Anne is the top rated aromatherapist in the country, and perhaps in the entire world. She is a committed, loving, devoted healer,who gives her all, stopping at nothing in order to have her clients healed. Linda Anne is also someone you’d love as your best friend – full of laughter, fun, and high standards of integrity. A rare package

  • Excellent experience! Linda-Anne’s lymph drainage massage is the best !! Make sure to sign up for the 80 minute treatment. You will leave feeling wonderfully healthy and totally relaxed

  • I loved getting my lymph drainage message, it was fantastic! I received my own special blend of essential oils to help me in my current transition and it is truly a unique touch that made my spa experience integrated and personal. I am feeling great and I’m ready to get back to work! I had a wonderful experience and I am planning my next visit

  • Linda Anne is a superior health care professional. I came to her for lymphatic drainage and received far more in terms of my overall well-being. Her genuine caring, accumulated wealth of knowledge on a holistic approach to health and her committed support has been worth more than I can express. Linda Anne is the kind of person that willingly spends her off hours researching additional ways to enhance the fitness of her clients. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been referred to Linda Anne to receive her services. At a bare minimum, I know I am healthier as a result of her expert lymphatic drainage, yet she has offered so much more. She is the best of the best!

  • The relaxation of the Beauty Kliniek is everything I’ve ever expected in a true spa experience. Linda-Anne has done everything in her power to provide the latest in lymphedema massage therapy. She radiates positivity and you leave the Spa feeling healthy, empowered, and ready to take on the world.

    I come from far for lymphatic drainage by Linda Ann Kahn. No doubt, every treatment brings me closer to healing my body. Linda’s experience, passion for her work, and love for the people she treats, cannot be compared to anybody I know. Her clinic is beautiful, her staff professional and kind

  • Amazing. Linda took so much time to discuss my issues and gave me a wealth of knowledge. She referred me to someone who could help me with my neck pain outside of her practice which showed me she truly cared about my getting the help I need. I went for lymphatic massage which was so relaxing and did help my neck. While she advised other methods for my pain I will be back for massage treatments and will recommend her to anyone. She is an amazing person and is so passionate about what she does. The staff was great and very helpful and the facility itself is very welcoming and soothing.

  • Linda-Anne is amazing and the treatment was so effective. I feel rejuvenated and already feel improvements in inflammation. I also felt very renewed by the relaxing massage. There was a lot of information provided and great follow up recommendations and self-help.


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