Post-Surgical Care

Pre and Post surgical care

In a supportive environment, we will help you with the healing process after surgeries with Manual Lymph Drainage massage (MLD).  This therapy will greatly hasten the healing after cosmetic surgeries or liposuction, breast reconstruction or reduction, or knee, hip or shoulder surgeries. MLD  reduces the edema and bruising that often occurs  secondary to surgery.


Benefits of MLD for pre and post surgical care assists the healing process

                MLD will increase oxygenation, hydration and cellular metabolism thus, aiding the health of the tissue.

MLD performed pre-surgically prepares the tissue for surgery by removing toxic debris and cleansing the connective tissue. This in turn promotes healing, minimizes swelling and bruising, and helps to avoid hematomas.

MLD administered as soon as possible after surgery will increase waste disposal by transporting protein damaged cells, inflammatory products and toxins away from the area.  This facilitates the healing process after surgical trauma.

MLD reduces swelling and thus there is an increased speed of healing.

MLD stimulates the formation of lymph vessels around scar tissue. This minimizes scar formation.

MLD helps positive changes in the quality of scar tissue.

MLD balances the sympathetic nervous system, helping to relieve stress.

The repetitive calming movements alleviate pain by stimulating reflex pathways, which decreases pain signals sent to the brain.

MLD supports and enhances the activity of the immune system by increasing lymph flow and stimulating antibody production. The body recovers faster with MLD as it has a balancing effect on the body`s immune system.

When MLD is performed there will be a reduced risk of fibrosis and scar tissue forming.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

50/80 minutes – $150/$199 Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gently rhythmical massage performed by a trained lymph therapist to detoxify and cleanse the connective tissue,  speed the healing process and reduce pain and discomfort.  This therapy flushes toxins and inflammatory wastes from the tissues.

Series prices available.

Surgery options

We  can evaluate your situation and educate you about different surgical options and refer you to the appropriate surgeons .


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