Cleopatra’s Secret


Bring out the Feminine aspect of your sou

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Lemon, Patchouli, Rose geranium, Jasmine

-Bring out the Feminine aspect of your soul

A harmonious female balancing blend, which is gentle and nurturing. Designed to promote and enhance the healthy processes during the natural progression of life’s cycle. Use to create a sensuous aroma to initiate a mood or enhance an atmosphere. These oils create a sensuous aroma to initiate a mood or enhance an atmosphere. Put it in a diffuser, dilute it and wear as a perfume or dilute with coconut or sweet almond oil and massage your loved one for memorable times

Methods of Use:
Aromatherapy Burner, Pillow, Bath, Footbath, Perfume, Lotion, Inhale from a tissue, Massage with Therapeutic Carrier Oil. External use only. Do not apply directly to skin without diluting

Essential Oil of highest Quality. 100% Pure Essential Oil Synergy. Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients. No Additives, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Fillers. OIls sourced from the world’s finest reputable distillers

CAUTION: Never use Aromatherapy Blends undiluted on the skin. Check with your health-care practitioner about using blends during pregnancy and postpartum


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